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Double Whammy

Added: May 1, 2012 Views: 19,240

As the title suggests, "Double Whammy" is all about double penetration. Meet the sexy and lustful boss of a mighty corporation. Her legend of success? She's always sexually satisfied, and all of her male employess work hard to keep their horny boss happy. This cock-hungry blonde needs at least two cocks to feel great, so going for double penetration right on her desc is her daily routine... Meet a shy girl who secretly dreams of having group sex, but never has the courage to make her fantasy come true. One day she shares her fantasies with a doctor, and he makes them real. Watch the shy brunette discover the pleasures of anal fucking and even DP. If this isn't enough to totally blow you away, "Double Whammy" has something else to offer! Enjoy the incredible lesbian threesome featuring super hot sex toy play!


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