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The French Invasion

Added: Jan 15, 2010 Views: 30,406

Cynthia's (Sharon Kane) household will never be the same after being taken over by a crew from the French Cleaners, co. Her daughter, Dee Dee (Rebecca Bardoux) shows her appreciation for the two cleaners in a sizzling three-way. Little does she know the two cleaners are really fugitives from a failed robbery and their co-worker, Rita (Lana Sands) is really a hostage. As it turns out, Rita is a very willing hostage as she takes on each cleaner (T.T. Boy and Julian St. Jox) at different times during the day. The cleaners finally finish their work (if that's what you'd call it) and depart just as Cynthia's boyfriend, Max shows up. It turns out that Cynthia is away for the evening.... which gives Dee Dee and her friend, Monica (Nikki Shane), a chance to show Max what he has been missing.


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