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Young Girls In Tight Jeans

Added: Jan 25, 2011 Views: 108,081

The concept worked pretty well in Behind Blue Eyes and holds its own in this feature, proving that if you've got a good formula you can recycle till the dinosaurs come home.X-producer Sal Manella (Randy Spears) and an aspiring creative talent (Tom Byron) thrash out film ideas and sex fantasies that get played out on the screen for our benefit. The scenes run the gamut: T & A; hard ballin', girl/girl, orgies and the "women's point of view" – parodies hilarious on the button actually. Spears' characterization is pointed and acerbic, just what you'd expect from a producer who'd treat a $4,000 production like it was Ben Hur. Sharon Kane does a pretty good bimbo, besides.And let me single out the Peter North/Nina Hartley, Staci Lords/Debbie Diamono and the group finale sex scenes as major reasons not to miss this hot Damiano entry. You gotta like good sex videos. You gotta like'em.


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