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Seduction By Fire

Added: Jan 25, 2011 Views: 45,220

Kelsey, the sweet young innocent in this torrid tale of power, persuasion and passion, is totally unprepared for the seductive tricks that await her in the sexy, glittering world of kink and wealth. Leaving her small hometown, and seeking a job in the big city, she meets three people who change her life via a special type of sexual indoctrination and manipulation.There is Daniel Mason, whose specialty is taking complete control of a woman's mind, body and sexual desires. Aiding and abetting him in his power plays is his lecherously lovely office girl, Melanie, his willing maid, Monica, and his rich bitch of a friend, Catherine, who constantly seeks new thrills for her jaded sexual appetite. How one and all transform the innocent and inexperienced Kelsey into a hot, horny and insatiable harlot of depraved degenerate and decadent sex makes for one of the most sensationally daring and sex-citing videos ever.


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