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This is a tale of adultery, greed, revenge, and one-upmanship. Mike Horner and Cassidy both want out of their lileless marriage —and the pre-nup-tual agreement they signed. If Cassidy can catch Mike "in the act" with another woman, she can get more money. Contrary-wise, Mike's out to catch Cassidy with her panties down so he won't have to pay her anything. Aiding and abetting in this game of bait and switch are Jon Dough as Cassidy's masseur boyfriend, and Mike's secretary and lover, Ashlyn Gere, with Scott. Irish, Tianna Taylor and Alicia Rio being offered up as bait.Director Craig has done an excellent technical job, and in general, the sex is considerably better than average, though it tends to drag in spots. The Gere/Rio/Horner triad (which starts out as a girl/girl) is definitely the high point of this video — provided you turn down Alicia's monologue. Fortunately, Mike joins in and fills the offending orifice, thus saving the scene. Another hot boff is provided by Tianna Taylor and Scott Irish, who do it on a bar table as Ashlyn and Jon watch from the shadows.Overall, this is a very enjoyable movie, and one which should definitely be stocked.


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