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Thanks for the Mammaries

Added: Jan 25, 2011 Views: 22,466

Take a lascivious peek at what goes on backstage at a bawdy burlesque house. You'll be singing Thanks For The Mammaries all night long, when you take a look at these bodaciously endowed professionals!! First, meet sex-starved stripper Patti Plenty (and her humongous hangers!). A Baggy pants comedian (Nick Random) quickly discovers a little sweet-talk is the key to a love-feast with Patti. And Patti's co-star Debbie (Buffy Davis) isn't doing badly either. She and her horny boyfriend (Kevin James) do it everywhere… even on stage! Plus, there's lots more sex-action…and even Kitten Natividad! If you like your women big, bold, and bubbly – this one is definitely for you!! So don't miss it!!


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