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Stolen Kisses

Added: Dec 17, 2010 Views: 14,302

Aja loves her man Buck Adams, but unfortunately, ol' Bucky has been a little remiss in his bedroom duties of late. Simply put, Aja hasn't been getting any, and she's going nuts. Finally, she finds a neighbor willing to lend a helping hand, and she feels a little better. But that was just a one-time-thing, and Aja needs a steady supply of sex. And she really does love Buck, after all, so she's still in need of a way to get him back into the bedroom. She gets a break when two burglars break into her house and start to rob the place. Fortunately, the robbers, Jade East and Tom Byron, are hornier than they are greedy, and everybody peels off their clothes for a rousing foursome. Problem solved.


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