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Some Kind Of Woman

Added: Nov 7, 2010 Views: 22,744

Ginger Lynn has always been come kind of woman. Now she proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt in the most scintillating sex show ever. SOME KIND OF WOMAN is all about the business of show business... the TV talk show hosts who dare it all, the guests who bare it all... the producers who screw them all... the commercials that are off the wall... and the audiences that have a ball watching some of the greatest adult performers doing it all. Amber Lynn is the small town pick-up from the sticks... Colleen Brennan is the wife who likes to get her licks... Joanna Storm is the actress who lives for kicks... while director Heather Wayne has a thing for dicks (private, that is!). Along with the men with the biggest sticks, you'll find SOME KIND OF WOMAN, some kind of movie.


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