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Liquid Love

Added: May 31, 2010 Views: 155,263

Sharon Mitchell plays the mystical proprietor of a mansion that men visit to have their sexual fantasies fulfilled. When her niece Shanna McCullough comes to stay, she is confused by all the dreams she sees coming true for patrons. After Shanna meets and falls for Steve Drake, she decides to give it a try for herself. But first she has to figure out a way to get him to agree to enter her dream world.The plot of Liquid Love is just fascinating enough to hold interest and transition scenes are kept short to allow more time for the erotic encounters. Most of the sex is above average and the Steve Drake/Nikki Knights union would have been scalding if there had not been so many crosscuts during the action which significantly dampened the eroticism. McCullough's masturbation scene sizzles and is well worth viewing.The directors elicit excellent performances from the stars and employ nice camerawork. Liquid Love has some minor flaws, but most will still enjoy its eroticism enough to want to view it several times.


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