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Kitty Shane Collection

Added: Jan 1, 2008 Views: 10,740

During the late 70's and early 80's, Kitty Shane was known as one of the randiest performers in the hardcore business. She was a hugely endowed woman whose figure was a big hit with fans of curvy, voluptuous women. Kitty had plenty of love to give, as they say, and give it she did in a series of scorching sex films that extablished her as one of the most sex-mad stunners around.Kitty Shane first brought her vacuum cleaner oral skills and reddish-blonde good looks to hardcore screens in a slew of sizzling mid to late 1970's loops! And here they are, gathered together for the first time on DVD. Title include: Cock Whipper, Kept Woman, Sensuous Songbird and Nature's Daughter + the complete loop collection Kitty Shane's Fantasies & much more!

Actress: Kitty Shane


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