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  • Emanuelle in Prison

    Added: Feb 22, 2018

    Views: 3,340
    • Year: 1983
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: English
    • Duration: 85 min

    Emanuelle, a reporter, comes just a little too close to exposing a corrupt official, and is sent to prison on trumped-up charges. In the prison, the inmates are constantly humiliated and tortured by the prison staff. Overly affectionate prisoners are... read more

    Actress: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti

    Categories: Lesbian

  • Pain Mania

    Added: Feb 5, 2018

    Views: 1,310

    This documentary short from Avon Productions takes a look at the live-sex shows performers in New York's Times Square back in the early 1980s, focusing mainly on the SM/BD genre. Included are interviews with the performers, scenes of some of the shows... read more

  • Snow Honeys

    Added: Jan 28, 2018

    Views: 962

    Luscious Cara Lott is joined by Ken Starbuck as she hosts this incendiary collection of original clips. Shot in 1983, 'Turbo Sex' brings together some of the industry's legendary talents in scene after scene of white-hot eroticism. Whether it's the... read more

    Categories: Lesbian

  • Bad Girls II

    Added: Jan 22, 2018

    Views: 2,235
    • Year: 1983
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: n/a
    • Duration: 79 min

    This glossy romp serves up a plot that's not so much a sequel to the original, but a retelling of it with an all-new cast. Once again we get a bunch of bodaciously beautiful models setting out for fun in the countryside in a rented RV. As before, the... read more

  • Sex loose

    Added: Jan 17, 2018

    Views: 1,962
    • Year: 1983
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: n/a
    • Duration: 110 min

    Actress: Cindy Carrera

  • Brothel For Women

    Added: Jan 9, 2018

    Views: 1,509

    French porn comedy about two charming Americans in Paris who desperately try to earn some money for their journey home...

  • Sexoualika Kokteil Sto Sarwniko Archos

    Added: Jan 7, 2018

    Views: 716

    Categories: Anal DP

  • Kandi Barbour

    Update Soon: December 4, 2018

    Views: 442
    • Year: 1983
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: n/a
    • Duration: 67 min

    Categories: Anal

  • Femmes

    Added: Dec 1, 2017

    Views: 3,287
    • Year: 1983
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: Spanish
    • Duration: 81 min

    Helmut is fed up traveling around he world. Coming back from Asia, he decides to stay some time in Alenxandra’s house, a long time friend. She is living on a beautiful island where she is doing art. From his travels, Helmut brought back some old... read more

  • Appassionate

    Update Soon: November 23, 2018

    Views: 296
    • Year: 1983
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: Italian
    • Duration: 72 min

    Jean-Pierre Armand is the director of a porn film which is being made near a country tavern where the cast and crew are staying. Jennifer Haussmann is an actress in the film in the making, Carole Pierac is the producer. Laura Clair is the star and... read more

    Actress: Samantha Sex

  • Les branches a Saint-Tropez

    Added: Nov 5, 2017

    Views: 4,069

    Categories: Softcore

  • Love hard, love deep

    Added: Nov 4, 2017

    Views: 6,320

    Categories: Asian

  • La noche de los sexos abiertos

    Added: Nov 4, 2017

    Views: 4,645

    Moira – a beautiful and erotic cabaret dancer – is hired to impersonate another woman who turns out to be a secret agent and must receive an important message in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In that message is reported and discovered the hidden... read more

    Actress: Lina Romay, Lorna Green

    Actors: Antonio Mayans

    Categories: Lesbian

  • Romeo and Juliet

    Update Soon: October 23, 2018

    Views: 391

    Great classic porn with funny humor, good acting and great sex? This may not have been what Shakespeare had in mind, but who cares? Robert Bolluck and Nina Hartley star as the beleaguered director and his bisexual wife. And Tom Byron is great as the... read more

    Actress: Serena, Maria Tortuga, Barbara Doll, Lisa Ann

    Actors: Vince Vouyer

    Categories: Latin

  • Kanda-gawa inran senso

    Added: Oct 20, 2017

    Views: 4,621

    Two sexually energized young women who live in a high-rise apartment building happen one day to spy from their window a mother and son making love in the apartment across from theirs. They decide to stage a rescue attempt to free him and in the process... read more

    Categories: Lesbian Asian

  • Chaleurs Anales

    Added: Oct 20, 2017

    Views: 2,346

    Myriam and Marianne are two strippers in Pigalle. Andre and Michel kidnap the two girls and abuse them in a terrace of a villa…

    Actress: Marianne Aubert

    Actors: Andre Kay

    Categories: Lesbian

  • Moments Of Love

    Update Soon: October 1, 2018

    Views: 235

    They open you up to new possibilities. Dr. Prober (Ron Jeremy) is a bonerfide member of the A.M.A. (Amorous Medical Association.) Fire-hot nurse Lisa De Leeuw can certainly testify to that! But their carnal office shenanigans lead to the horniest... read more

  • Orgien Am Zarenhof

    Update Soon: September 30, 2018

    Views: 226

    Prasentiert von Herzog Video in der ungekurzten und unzensierten Langfassung.

  • For Members Only

    Added: Sep 29, 2017

    Views: 1,816
    • Year: 1983
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: Italian
    • Duration: 80 min

    3 Unsatisfied women willing to risk up to its reputation in order to find what they really want todecide to take advantage one of the thousands opportunities offered by a mysterious club for the dreamsthat have during the day, a reality so sensual and... read more

    Categories: Softcore

  • Il vizio infinito

    Added: Sep 27, 2017

    Views: 3,227

    Actress: Laura Gemser, Lucia Ramirez

    Categories: Softcore