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  • Sex Flower

    Added: Oct 29, 2017

    Views: 14,183

    A stripper slowly works out that her sugar daddy is an even badder rascal than he appears to be. Around the same time, he begins to question her loyalty, especially when he discovers she has an ABC boyfriend.

  • The Bikini Carwash Company II

    Added: Oct 26, 2017

    Views: 3,169

    The girls from “Bikini Carwash Company, The (1992)” are back. Their business has been a success, and a purchase contract has been signed with an international megabusiness. But the company CEO is not playing straight – he wants only the land the... read more

  • La Revanche d’Emmanuelle

    Added: Oct 3, 2017

    Views: 29,464

    Categories: Black

  • Le Parfum d’Emmanuelle

    Added: Aug 19, 2017

    Views: 3,170
  • Anthony’s Desire

    Added: Aug 19, 2017

    Views: 1,582

    Actors: Doug DeMarco

  • Eternelle Emmanuelle

    Added: Aug 10, 2017

    Views: 2,978

    While aboard a long distance flight, both young and old Emmanuelle regale a businessman with tales of their sexual prowess

  • Beach Babes from Beyond

    Added: Aug 5, 2017

    Views: 2,877

    Three intergalactic gals take their spaceship for a spin and splash down off the California coast. Before long, they’ve enraptured a trio of local beach boys and entered a wet ‘n’ wild bikini contest.

    Actress: Linnea Quigley, Tamara Landry

    Actors: Joe Estevez

    Categories: Softcore

  • Magique Emmanuelle

    Added: Aug 1, 2017

    Views: 2,018

    Young Emmanuelle and her friend Coco visit a friend whose sculptor husband is infatuated with one of his plaster creations. Emmanuelle uses her magic to get him interested again, jump starting their love life. Later, Emmanuelle, Coco and Coco’s... read more

  • I Racconti Della Camera Rossa

    Added: Jul 30, 2017

    Views: 2,627

    In a rainy night, a traveler seeks shelter in a bordello. Warming up by the fire, the traveler begins to recount a tale about an old man who had a young wife and her companion who was actually a young man cross-dressing as a woman

    Categories: Asian

  • The Love That Is Wrong

    Added: Jul 28, 2017

    Views: 4,553

    Amy (Daisy Wong) and Ann (Ellen Chan) are a lesbian couple but their relationship gets disrupted when Amy falls in love with her male office colleague named Wang (Michael Tao). As Amy spends more and more time with Wang Ann feels that she has lost Amy... read more

    Categories: Lesbian Asian

  • Le Secret d’Emmanuelle

    Added: Jul 19, 2017

    Views: 2,465
  • Naked Instinct

    Added: Jun 19, 2017

    Views: 3,526

    A woman is in therapy bacause of her uncontrollable desire for young men. She recounts stories of her sordid past, including seducing a rich kid when his parents are away, and giving a fraternity boy a good time. The therapist tells her about another... read more

  • Kreola

    Added: Jun 13, 2017

    Views: 4,226

    Gorgeous Kreola (Demetra Hampton) joins her husband Andy on a business trip to Santo Domingo, and finds her fidelity crumbling as she enters into a torrid affair with a handsome fisherman named Leon.

  • L’ Amour d’Emmanuelle

    Added: May 27, 2017

    Views: 3,969

    Emmanuelle withdraws into a temple in Tibet, where she wants to find to her true self. She’s given a mystic substance which will give her youth and allow her to enter the souls of other women. Now she sets out and searches her true love Mario from 20... read more

  • Joy Chez Les Pharaons

    Added: May 23, 2017

    Views: 6,420

    Actress: Beatrice Valle

    Categories: Lesbian

  • Enemy Gold

    Added: May 19, 2017

    Views: 3,320
    • Year: 1993
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: English
    • Duration: 92 min

    Three Federal agents go in search of gold supposedly hidden by Quantrell during the Civil War after they are suspended by a corrupt official for excessive for-ce during a staff raid. Meanwhile a staff lord (Obregon) hires a hit woman (Strain) to kill... read more

    Actress: Julie Strain

    Actors: Alan Abelew

  • Liaisons a domicile

    Added: Apr 28, 2017

    Views: 7,241

    Juliette and Paul move into their dreamhouse but they soon realize that the rent is too high for the two of them alone so that they decide to rent out their spare room to a young woman named Nathalie. She becomes Paul’s mistress but cannot get him to... read more

  • Private Love Affairs

    Added: Apr 24, 2017

    Views: 6,266

    Helen (Carole Nash) and Camillo (Jesse Eastern) like to play games in the bedroom. But she seems to be growing tired of his preoccupation with her behind when it comes to sex. When she finds out he is cheating on her with her friend Viola (Andrea... read more

  • La Fruta Se Disfruta

    Added: Feb 26, 2017

    Views: 2,650
    • Year: 1993
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: Spanish
    • Duration: 63 min

    Película porno hecha en México.Escenas lesbicas y masturbaciones mediante fruta

    Categories: Masturbation

  • Exotische Fruechtchen

    Added: Feb 16, 2017

    Views: 4,708
    • Year: 1993
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: German
    • Duration: 81 min

    Complete film where everything is fine play and fuck. Together, the three of us, and maybe a small orgy .

    Categories: Asian