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Female Gym Coach: Jump And Straddle

Added: Aug 11, 2017 Views: 25,876

It’s coming up to competition time for the office girls of the Kara Cosmetics Company. Kei (Junko Asahina) and her co-workers are preparing their amateur rhythmic gymnastics team for an upcoming competition. In order to assist the ladies, Aoki (Funasaku Sasairi) is brought in as their new coach. As the team wonders about the coach’s ability to perform both on and off the court, Kei’s relationship with him is revealed. Long ago, Aoki slept with Kei before a competition and she lost. Now, he’s worried it will happen again! Can the coach overcome his issues and help Kei win this time?

Actors: Shinsho Nakamaru , Mizuho Nakagawa

Categories: Asian

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