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Taste Of Marilyn

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  • Duration: 53 min
Marilyn Jess was one of the first European sex stars to make a sexy splash on American shores. A French girl whose buxom blonde beauty was impossible to ignore, Marilyn sizzled her wanton way through a string of sexvids in the mid-80s, and some of her best-ever erotic moments are captured in this scintillating collection. A very full-breasted yet all-natural girl, Marilyn's bawdy lust for life comes through loud and clear, as she takes on all comers in a series of white-hot encounters. Her energy and enthusiasm drive every scene to a shattering conclusion, and Marilyn's eye-popping good looks will keep your eyes riveted to the screen. This one's a must-have for fans of naturally busty European sex kittens!

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