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Kissin Cousins

Added: Mar 24, 2008 Views: 44,250

Due to some exceptionally lackluster writing, Kissin’ Cousins spoils a good idea from the very start. In updating the Hatfield/McCoy feud, screenwriter Don Dark leaves out the most engaging element of the classic American folktale: strong characterizations, thusly rendering the taboo element ineffectual. What is left is a lot of bedhopping without much motivation, and you might need a scorecard to follow the action. Large breast aficionados will savor the sequence between “virgins” Dana McCoy (Tara Grape) and Ronnie Hatfield (James Miles), while those of you who like youngster will appreciate the very youthful delights of Summer Rose (who is, to my knowledge, the only porn actress to actually sport a retainer while giving head). Although Kissin’ Cousins is contrived, and has more than its share of flubs in the acting department, it is still worth a look for some adequate, even occasionally exciting encounters with an attractive cast.

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