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  • The Ultimate Degenerate

    Added: Jun 13, 2010

    Views: 31,194

    Maria is in the city, bored with her lover Tammy. An exhibitionist, she answers an ad in the "New York Review of Sex." She's invited to a house in Vermont, owned by an eccentric named Spencer, a man who likes to watch. Maria goes, seeking... read more

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 91

    Added: Sep 24, 2013

    Views: 22,113

    More color late ’60s sinning, starting with a pouty brunette with lush breasts shares her considerable charms with her lanky, horse-hung beau...A dark blonde ponytail gal joins the party. Soon, two guys and one bosomy gal are heating it up by the... read more

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 1

    Added: Sep 22, 2013

    Views: 30,030

    It is my pleasure to be your guide, for strictly scholarly reasons, into the recent past of underground, independent filmmaking - since Sundance wasn't around when these flicks were shot. We begin with a serious look at alternative lifestyles, as two... read more

  • Cham-pagner fur Zimmer 17

    Added: May 11, 2017

    Views: 3,960
    • Year: 1969
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: German
    • Duration: 80 min

    She did it with everyone but him!…

    Categories: Softcore

  • Dracula: The Dirty Old Man

    Added: May 9, 2017

    Views: 8,353

    Dracula enslaves Dr. Irving Jekyll, turning him into the lycanthropic JackalMan, demanding that he lure female blood donors to his L.A. cabin retreat.

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 89

    Added: Oct 2, 2013

    Views: 17,571

    Lots of color this time, in an exceptionally erotic late ’60s compilation, starting with a cute, cupcake blonde diddling herself with a candle till a sleazy rider comes along to wet his wick...And an exotic, pouty brunette getting thoroughly plowed... read more

  • Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli

    Added: Apr 29, 2017

    Views: 42,690
    • Year: 1969
    • Country: n/a
    • Language: English
    • Duration: 89 min

    An Alsacian Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands, and his title. Isabella, the Duke’s baby guy, escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge.

    Actors: Mario Novelli

  • Herzblatt oder Wie sag’ ich’s meiner Tochter

    Added: Nov 19, 2017

    Views: 24,581

    Widower Paul always delayed talking to his daughter about sex. But when workers on a nearby construction site are falling down their scaffold because of the girl is tanning naked, he feels he has to take action. In the hope she’ll learn herself what... read more

    Categories: Softcore

  • Freiheit fur die Liebe

    Added: Nov 10, 2017

    Views: 7,041

    It is a sex education film of sorts dedicated to all forms of human sexuality.

  • The Seducers

    Added: Nov 17, 2017

    Views: 4,158

    A dominating, abusive oil baroness whisks her mentally deficient, pyromaniacal son off on a yacht cruise in the hopes of turning him into a man via sexual stimulation. To do this, she invites a greedy, sex-hungry married couple and a voluptuous... read more

    Categories: Softcore

  • Santo en El tesoro de Dracula

    Added: May 20, 2017

    Views: 12,666

    Mexican wrestler El Santo invents a time machine. After somebody uses the machine to find the hidden location of Dracula’s treasure, El Santo must hunt down the vampire

    Categories: Softcore

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 93

    Added: Jan 9, 2014

    Views: 18,078

    A sexy tousled brunette chows down on her Wolfman Jack’s jock...And two pretty, happy lezbos get frisky!...Then a brunette and blonde in pink nylons - both bosomy - get friendly... And a sepia brunette sweetie takes on two pasty-white but well-hung... read more

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 190

    Added: Nov 11, 2013

    Views: 39,918

    Women without men! Trapped in the twilight limbo of lips, labia, and that special girl-girl lust! In other words. Lesbo Love Orgy Part 6! Pucker Up (color): After some serious muff munching, two pretty dolls bend over and make their anuses pucker in... read more

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 18

    Added: Sep 23, 2013

    Views: 12,992

    What a pretty blonde!...Lounging on the red bed with her pointy pink tongue darting and nice big casabas swaying... And this kinda ordinary-looking ’60s couple playing footsie...what is that guy with the ponytail, a stoned-aged Yuppie? Some... read more

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 17

    Added: Dec 24, 2013

    Views: 9,080

    The ’60s blonde wakes up, smiles at me...She’s cute as a kitten!...Feeling herself up...Lucky hands!...Those eyes, those breasts! I’m in love!...Marry me! Marry me! That brunette girl in purple seems to enjoy entertaining her friend on that... read more

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 160

    Added: Nov 4, 2013

    Views: 15,158

    Welcome to the second all-lesbo edition of "The Lost Loops of 42nd Street" featuring the lines! in muff-mauling, twat-tonguing, boob-fondling fun Among the sweethearts on display are: China Chick (color): Hot little dark haired lady kisses... read more

    Actress: Connie Peters

  • Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 13

    Added: Jan 28, 2014

    Views: 22,972

    Look at that nice couple on the park bench...where’s she putting her hand? Hey - they’re French kissing - and...wait! She’s unzipping him - putting her head in his lap! Does the Park Commissioner know about this? Now, this pair of ’60s hippie... read more

  • Sin In 69

    Added: Sep 8, 2013

    Views: 16,161

    A truly slimy piece of southern psycho sleaze made for those once ubiquitous 16mm storefront theaters. Ginger and Curt, a weirdly sex act. throw swinger parties for the neighborhood trash, but a mysterious agent in white shoes is strangling their... read more

  • Camille 2000

    Added: Sep 20, 2017

    Views: 4,686

    Marguerite, a beautiful woman of affairs, falls for the young and promising Armand, but sacrifices her love for him for the sake of his future and reputation

    Director: Henry Paris

    Actress: Danielle Gaubert

  • Nudie Cuties 353

    Added: Oct 10, 2015

    Views: 14,324

    Coming Directly from the Vaults of Sleaze, these daring films of yesteryear warmly recall a bygone era of spicy adult entertainment!

    Categories: Softcore