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  • La Vera Storia della Monaca di Monza

    Added: Nov 20, 2017

    Views: 2,835

    Sister Virginia de Leyva becomes the new Mother Superior at the convent of Monza. Said convent turns out to be a veritable hotbed of sinful carnality and depravity. Debauched priest Don Arrigone and lecherous womanizer Giampaolo Osio plot to seduce... read more

  • Emanuelle bianca e nera

    Added: Nov 19, 2017

    Views: 35,668

    In the pre-civil war American south, Emanuelle, a plantation owner’s daughter, while outwardly a dainty southern belle, brutally abuses the slaves in her charge. When her fiance is bitten by a snake, he falls for Emanuelle’s beautiful... read more

    Categories: Black

  • The Seducers

    Added: Nov 17, 2017

    Views: 2,280

    A dominating, abusive oil baroness whisks her mentally deficient, pyromaniacal son off on a yacht cruise in the hopes of turning him into a man via sexual stimulation. To do this, she invites a greedy, sex-hungry married couple and a voluptuous... read more

    Categories: Softcore

  • Naked City

    Added: Nov 12, 2017

    Views: 3,690

    A globetrotting travel around the planet in search of the most sexually arousing and exciting cities. Maestro Luciano Martino takes us on a walk on the lusty wild side of town, unveiling some of the weirdest habits known to mankind. Every taboo is... read more

    Categories: Softcore Black

  • La Moglie Vergine

    Added: Nov 10, 2017

    Views: 3,066

    Valentina and Giovannino have just got married, but the Honeymoon has gone by and nothing happened between the two. Tension grows and they are about to break up the marriage, until a French tourist satisfies Valentina, while Giovannino regains his... read more

  • The Red Nights of the Gestapo

    Added: Nov 10, 2017

    Views: 2,274

    An illustrious group of German industrialists plot to overthrow Hitler by negotiating a peace treaty with England. Disgraced, but dedicated Nazi officer Colonel Werner von Uhland is assigned by his superiors to ferret out these deceitful dissidents and... read more

    Actors: Mike Morris

  • Baby Love

    Added: Nov 10, 2017

    Views: 3,571

    Baby Love is a stepdaughter of an queen of the castle of Balsorano. The queen wants to sell Baby Love during the auction to the highest bidder.There are four bidders:a Chinese, an American, a Russian and a Sicilian. They want virginal Baby Love, but... read more

    Actress: Paola Maiolini

  • Oscenita

    Added: Nov 9, 2017

    Views: 1,902

    This masterpiece directed by Renato Polselli (aka Ralph Brown) was made in 1973, but censors deemed it to demeaning towards women. The films dialog was changed, and not released until 1979, the film now seemed to take a different approach, now aimed at... read more

  • Il tuo vizio e una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave

    Added: Nov 8, 2017

    Views: 7,073

    Oliviero is a burned-out writer, living at his estate near Venice, his dead mother dominating his imagination. He is also a degenerate: sleeps with his maid and his ex-student, hosts Bacchanalia for local hippies, and humiliates his wife Irina in front... read more

    Actress: Daniela Giordano

    Actors: Luigi Pistilli

    Categories: Softcore

  • Carnalita

    Added: Nov 8, 2017

    Views: 2,222

    A corrupt businessman obtains a castle through surreptitious means. He conducts a series of affairs with several women while his ill wife remains bed-ridden. After her death he marries one of his mistresses but she has her own agenda and proceeds to... read more

    Categories: Softcore

  • Quel movimento che mi piace tanto

    Added: Nov 6, 2017

    Views: 2,497

    The lawyer Fabrizio Siniscalchi, decided to remodel your life and cut ties with the past for electoral reasons, abandons his lover. The woman takes revenge

    Categories: Softcore

  • La sorella di Ursula

    Added: Nov 4, 2017

    Views: 3,717

    Dagmar and her beautiful sister Ursula check into a luxury hotel on the coast of a gorgeous town in Italy, almost immediately Ursula begins to feel an evil for-ce lurking in the sea-side resort. Suddenly one of the guests is hacked apart by a... read more

    Actress: Antiniska Nemour

  • Hallucination Strip

    Added: Nov 4, 2017

    Views: 1,575

    Psychedelic trip with a social commentary. Bud Cort, in his debut performance, plays Massimo Monaldi, a student involved in political protests and juvenile delinquency. When Massimo steals a valuable tobacco box, he quickly becomes tangled in a... read more

    Actors: Tom Felleghy

    Categories: Softcore

  • Amore libero – Free Love

    Added: Nov 4, 2017

    Views: 2,524

    Actress: Laura Gemser

    Categories: Softcore

  • Quello strano desiderio

    Added: Oct 30, 2017

    Views: 3,829

    About a pair of aliens who come to Earth disguised as accountants after winning a holiday package. Given the appearance of people, the randy extraterrestrials waste no time discovering that certain parts of the human body feel better than others. After... read more

  • Emanuelle nera: orient reportage

    Added: Oct 26, 2017

    Views: 3,752

    Journalist Emanuelle travels to the Orient to interview a close relative of a King, but comes too close to uncovering official legends for the state’s liking. Her hotel room is ransacked and her passport stolen, leaving her stranded and at the mercy... read more

  • Snack Bar Budapest

    Added: Oct 24, 2017

    Views: 2,989
  • The Sensuous Nurse

    Added: Oct 21, 2017

    Views: 23,988

    As an aging widower begins suffering from heart trouble, his greedy heirs hope to speed him on his way by hiring a super-seductive nurse to get his pulse racing. Their plan backfires, though, as the young beauty begins to fall in love with the old man.

    Actors: Daniele Vargas

    Categories: Softcore

  • Blue Angel Cafe

    Added: Oct 21, 2017

    Views: 2,263

    Raymond Derek is a up and coming hotshot young politician who seems to have it all. A great career, a wife, friends and a expensive home. But that all changes when he encounters sexy cabaret singer Angie. The two begin a steamy affair until the press... read more

    Actress: Laura Gemser

    Categories: Softcore

  • Un grande amore

    Added: Oct 19, 2017

    Views: 2,957

    When two couples vacationing at an exclusive spa find themselves sharing adjoining suites with only one bathroom, we set up a scenario with many possibilities. Joe and his wife Fay are taking a vacation to help Joe overcome the stress of his business,... read more