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  • Libidine

    Added: May 18, 2017

    Views: 3,258
  • Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert

    Added: May 18, 2017

    Views: 5,044

    Detachment of the nine mercenaries receives the task to eliminate a political figure, living in a gated estate on an island in the Mediterranean sea. However, after completion of the mission, customers are trying to get rid of soldier of fortune.... read more

    Actress: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti

    Categories: Softcore

  • The Howl

    Added: May 17, 2017

    Views: 1,801

    The Howl is a true surrealist cult classic, filled with eye-shattering imagery, visual jokes, impossible characters, riotous comedy, and punk rock music well before its time. A young bride escapes her wedding ceremony with a stranger and together they... read more

    Categories: Softcore

  • La prima notte del Dottor Danieli, industriale, col complesso del… giocattolo

    Added: May 17, 2017

    Views: 1,154

    Moira – a beautiful and erotic cabaret dancer – is hired to impersonate another woman who turns out to be a secret agent and must receive an important message in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In that message is reported and discovered the hidden... read more

    Actors: Enzo Garinei

    Categories: Softcore

  • Quando le donne si chiamavano ‘Madonne’

    Added: May 17, 2017

    Views: 2,224

    A very little and nice village in Italy, Middle Ages. A woman is under legal action for adultery, three young men trying to seduce three beautiful girls, one of them is the daughter of an unfaithful ‘Madonna’ (ancient Italian for lady) and another... read more

    Categories: Softcore

  • La Duena

    Added: May 15, 2017

    Views: 5,542

    Actress: Baby Pozzi

  • Al tropico del cancro

    Added: May 10, 2017

    Views: 4,402

    While vacationing in Haiti with his wife Grace, Fred Wright decides to make an impromptu visit on an old friend, Williams, a doctor. Fred’s motives are not entirely pure, however, with it soon emerging that he is one of various parties interested in... read more

    Actress: Gabriele Tinti

    Categories: Softcore

  • Paolo il caldo

    Added: May 10, 2017

    Views: 4,479

    From his youth, Paolo Castorini, a Sicilian baron, is as attracted to women as they to him. Giovanna, a servant girl, Lillian, a serious girlfriend in Rome, a hostess at a post-war party, Paolo makes love to them all. He also feels dissatisfied with a... read more

    Actress: Ornella Muti

    Categories: Softcore

  • Pathos – Segreta inquietudine

    Added: May 9, 2017

    Views: 1,915

    Diane is a photographer of the ultimate in trendy soft core. Her ex, George, who makes bondage films, hooks Diane up with the muscular Teagan in exchange for a favor with a well-heeled client. Diane asks Teagan to model in her next shoot. When Teagan... read more

    Categories: Softcore Black

  • Till Marriage Do Us Part

    Added: May 8, 2017

    Views: 4,638

    The Marquise Eugenia di Maqueda, an orphan raised by the nuns, marries Raimondo Corrao, but on their wedding night she finds out that he is her brother. The piece of news is in a letter written from Paris by their father, a womaniser who lives and... read more

    Actress: Karin Schubert

    Categories: Softcore

  • Par-dela les nuages

    Added: May 8, 2017

    Views: 847

    Made of four short tales, linked by a story filmed by Wim Wenders. Taking place in Ferrara, Portofino, Aix en Provence and Paris, each story, which always a woman as the crux of the story, invites to an inner travel, as Antonioni says “towards the... read more

  • Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals

    Added: May 8, 2017

    Views: 344,614

    While doing undercover work in a mental hospital, Emanuelle discovers a girl who seems to have been raised by a tribe of amazonian cannibals. Intrigued, Emanuelle and friends travel deep into the Amazon jungle, where they find that the supposedly... read more

  • New York 7a strada

    Added: May 7, 2017

    Views: 17,610

    Two thieves rod a drug store and decide to hide out in a porn shop. Soon after when the coast is clear…

    Actress: Annj Goren

  • Tre pesci, una gatta nel letto che scotta

    Added: May 7, 2017

    Views: 2,634

    A woman takes revenge on three guys from high school, making them fall in love with her and wanting to marry her.

  • Quando l’amore e sensualita

    Added: May 3, 2017

    Views: 4,266

    A young girl marries a handsome and successful but brutish local butcher at the behest of her contessa stepmother. The new wife turns out to be frigid on their wedding night, and the couple have a big fight. The wife goes out of town to stay with her... read more

  • Provocazione

    Added: May 1, 2017

    Views: 2,972

    Actress: Moana Pozzi

  • Diva Futura: L’Avventura dell’amore

    Added: Apr 29, 2017

    Views: 3,764
  • Scandalo

    Added: Apr 28, 2017

    Views: 3,363

    1940 France just before the great invasion. Eliane (Lisa Gastoni) is a pharmacist who is married to her dull husband and has a teenage daughter. Eliane is an attractive woman who has let her passion fall dormant. One evening, the pharmacy clerk makes a... read more

    Actress: Laura Nicholson

    Categories: Softcore

  • All Ladies Do It

    Added: Apr 28, 2017

    Views: 6,071

    Diana is happily married to Paolo but due to her wild passion for sex, she regularly winds up in short lived erotic adventures, which she doesn’t keep hidden from Paolo. On the contrary: by telling him, their sexual relationship is fueled with fresh... read more

  • Nude Odeon

    Added: Apr 25, 2017

    Views: 1,961

    Is it true that as world movie uses images filmed long before the year of publication, but has the merit to behead the net many cliches and without degenerating hard. Simply expresses the sex for the wonderful thing is that, in reality, even if... read more

    Categories: Black